ECOLE is a model of urban sustainable living and a physical hub for the McGill and Montreal sustainability communities.

Our mandate, as defined in our constitution, is to “bring together McGill students, faculty and staff and Montreal community members in the pursuit of sustainable living by means of applied student research, alternative education, and community building. ECOLE is an ongoing experiment that strives to be a model of urban sustainable living.”

ECOLE fulfills its mandate by building on the Three Pillars of ECOLE: Living, Learning, and Community Building.


Living Pillar

  • 10 upper year McGill students, called ECOLE Facilitators, live in private rooms in the ECOLE House, with shared community resource rooms in the rest of the House.

  • The Facilitators live sustainably, both materially and socially, by incorporating living practices including composting, reducing energy and water use, and using consensus-based decision making and anti-oppressive practices

  • Facilitators apply sustainable living approaches that are brought to their attention by their fellow students

Learning Pillar

  • Facilitators complete Applied Student Research (ASR) projects on an aspect of sustainability and develop tools and resources to support ASR projects carried out by non-Facilitators

  • Collective members develop and implement alternative learning initiatives such as film screenings and skill-building workshops

  • All Project participants nurture a culture of experiential learning by learning about, using, and teaching consensus-based decision-making, anti-oppressive practices, and materially sustainable approaches to consumption.


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Community Building Pillar

  • Facilitators make all the common spaces of the ECOLE House available for use free of charge by student and community groups with sustainability mandates

  • The ECOLE Board of Directors brings together multiple stakeholders including Montreal students, faculty, and staff and Montreal community members

  • Facilitators and Collective members actively build relationships with residents and community groups of the Milton Parc neighborhood where the ECOLE House is located.

souls of ECOLE


Keresa Kanagarajan.jpg

Keresa Kanagarajan

Hi my name is Keresa and I’m a fourth year psychology student. I joined ECOLE because I’d like to practice environmental and socially sustainably. I am working on a video project that showcases sustainable practices that ECOLE can demonstrate and model for other students willing to adapt some of these practices. The point of the initiative is to make the knowledge and experience of communal living more accessible to students. 

Diamond En Yao.jpg

Diamond Yao

Hi everyone! I’m Diamond and I’m a U2 sustainability student. A lifelong Montrealer, I like discussing pressing contemporary issues, trying on sustainable fashion and doing intentional living. At ECOLE, I’m responsible for communications and outreach, and I am always looking for new ways to make sustainability more accessible for everyone. Contact me at diamond.yao@mail.mcgill.ca for any inquiries, I’m super friendly and welcome suggestions!


Jiahua Chen

 Hi, I am Jiahua! I major in Environmental Science with a minor in GIS.I am in ECOLE because it’s not only a lovely combination of home and workspace but also a great place to learn and practice sustainability in life.

My ASR this year is to figure out a way to deal with the piles of abandoned furniture at the end of the school year in Milton park!

Fatou Ndiaye.jpg

Fatou Ndiaye

Hi! My name is Fatou Ndiaye. I am an Honours Political Science student, double minoring in Sociology and International Development. I am at ECOLE because I was particularly interested in the community building pillar and the social component of sustainability. I also joined ECOLE because it shows that you can live in a vibrant urban center like Montreal, and effectively practice of material sustainability. As a facilitator, this year, I am looking forward to celebrating practices of sustainability across time, cultures and contexts, as well as tackling speciesism


Kira Moodliar

Hello! I’m Kira and I am a U3 Environment Student with a minor in chemistry. I like doing social justice work, communal living and indoor urban agriculture projects. I'm from Boston Massachusetts and this is my second year at ECOLE. I generally work on communications and internal policy here at ECOLE.

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 Dorothy Yip

Hi everyone! My name is Dorothy, I study Psychology and I hail from Hong Kong. Amazed by how cultural differences influenced my home city and Montreal looks at sustainability, my interest in living in an experimental hub was piqued.

My idea for an ASR would be an ECOLE cookbook slash oral history of Milton-Parc, a celebration of food, history and humans. Can’t wait to see how this year will turn out!

Rhea Wilson.jpg

Rhea Wilson

I'm Rhea! I'm in my third year of Civil Engineering at McGill and my second year as a facilitator at ECOLE. I love communal living almost as much as I love being outside! 

Alana Bertin.jpg

Alana Bertin

Hello, my name is Alana. I'm from Saint Lucia and I love elephants, mushrooms, and my dogs. I'm a U3 Psychology student, minoring in Sociology and I joined the ECOLE facilitator team to extend my engagement in social sustainability as well as actively participate in environmentally sustainable and communal living. I hope to create an equity policy so that socially sustainable practices can be permanently engrained into ECOLE!


Tharuvi Nanayakkara

Hi! I'm Tharuvi Nanayakkara and I'm a third year Anthropology student, with a double minor in Political Science and Economics. I am passionate about youth engagement, pushing for diversity and representation in all factions of society, and community involvement. This is one of the reasons I am involved with ECOLE; because its mandate aligns with many of my interests.

For my ASR, I will be working on a finance handbook that will allow future facilitators to know how finances work at ECOLE. 

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Catherine Choquette


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Pascal Huynh




Samiha Shariff

I currently work in the non-profit sector in Montreal! An aspiring social worker, I am very interested in learning more about how social sustainability can facilitate avenues for community care to create more resilient and loving communities. ECOLE is a great living lab to learn how environmental and social sustainability works in a cosmopolitan setting and I am excited to be a part of it!

 Facilitator and Coordinator Cohort of 2018-2019

Facilitator and Coordinator Cohort of 2018-2019



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