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ECOLE is a model of urban sustainable living and a physical hub for the McGill and Montreal sustainability communities.

Our mandate, as defined in our constitution, is to “bring together McGill students, faculty and staff and Montreal community members in the pursuit of sustainable living by means of applied student research, alternative education, and community building. ECOLE is an ongoing experiment that strives to be a model of urban sustainable living.”

ECOLE fulfills its mandate by building on the Three Pillars of ECOLE: Living, Learning, and Community Building.


Living Pillar

  • 10 upper year McGill students called ECOLE Facilitators live in private rooms in the ECOLE House, with shared community resource rooms in the rest of the House.
  • The Facilitators live sustainably both materially and socially, by incorporating living practices including composting, reducing energy and water use, and using consensus-based decision making and anti-oppressive practices
  • Facilitators apply sustainable living approaches that are brought to their attention by their fellow students

Learning Pillar

  • Facilitators complete Applied Student Research (ASR) projects on an aspect of sustainability and develop tools and resources to support ASR projects carried out by non-Facilitators
  • Collective members develop and implement alternative learning initiatives such as film screenings and skill-building workshops
  • All Project participants nurture a culture of experiential learning by learning about, using, and teaching consensus-based decision-making, anti-oppressive practices, and materially sustainable approaches to consumption.


Community Building Pillar

  • Facilitators make all the common spaces of the ECOLE House available for use free of charge by student and community groups with sustainability mandates
  • The ECOLE Board of Directors brings together multiple stakeholders including Montreal students, faculty, and staff and Montreal community members
  • Facilitators and Collective members actively build relationships with residents and community groups of the Milton Parc neighborhood where the ECOLE House is located.