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Contact Us

How to get in touch with us!!

Contact Us

ECOLE does a lot of different things and so we have a few different emails for people to reach us at and a newsletter to keep up with our events and initiatives!

For enquiries about what ECOLE is, general running of the house, or specfic initiatives/events we are organizing, please contact our facilitators (residents of ECOLE) here: ecole.facilitators@gmail.com

For enquiries about facilitator and coordinator hiring, please email: ecoleprojecthiring@gmail.com

To book a space at ECOLE, please fill out the form under the “Spaces” tab.

For enquiries about the structure of ECOLE or to enquire about the Board of Directors, please contact our coordinators here: ecoleproject@gmail.com

You can also reach us on Instagram and Facebook with the handle ECOLEPROJECT!

Newsletter Signup: http://eepurl.com/db-bXr