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ECOLE is recruiting for an Internal Coordinator (November 2018 – April 2019). The application deadline is November 6th, 2018 . Read on for more information!

Working conditions:
Will have access to an office at 3559 rue University. The office has internet access and a computer. We regret to inform that this building is not wheelchair accessible. More information about the accessibility of the building can be found at here.

Equity hiring information:
ECOLE values the contributions that individuals who identify as members of marginalized or oppressed communities bring to our organization, and we encourage those people to apply. We recognize that structural barriers shape experiences and job qualifications, and therefore we seek to use employment equity to differentiate between candidates who meet the required qualifications.
If you would like to be considered for employment equity, please say so in your cover letter. You are not required to explain why you are requesting equity consideration, but may do so if you wish.

How to apply:
Please send your CV and a cover letter outlining your interest in the position and relevant experience to ecoleprojecthiring@gmail.com

DEADLINE IS 11:59PM ON November 6th, 2018.

If you have any questions about ECOLE or the application, don't hesitate to email ecoleprojecthiring@gmail.com.

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ECOLE is also looking for another 2 Facilitators for Winter 2019! This application deadline is 11:59PM on November 7th, 2018. (We accept answers in both French and in English)

To Apply You Must:
+ Be an undergraduate or an graduate student at McGill.

Expected Commitments
+ You will be asked to live communally with 9 other students and to practice social and material sustainability.
+ Carry out a sustainability initiative.
+ Plan and coordinate events under one of our committees (communication/event planning/finance/space booking)
+ Contribute an average of 10 hours/week towards the ECOLE project, including 2 hours for weekly meetings.

+ The bedrooms are fully furnished
+ Move-in date is at the start of January (though certain items can be moved in during exams in December)
+ ECOLE facilitators sign a lease with McGill Student Housing and Hospitality Services from January to July. During the summer, there is a possibility of subletting. While you are not required or expected to remain at ECOLE over the summer, we are interested in exploring the potential for keeping the Project going over the summer
+ The rent varies between 425$ and 481$ including all utilities (internet and electricity)

How to Apply: 
Fill out this google form

DEADLINE IS 11:59PM ON November 7th, 2018.

For any question, email us at ecoleprojecthiring@gmail.com