At ECOLE, Facilitators can make initiatives addressing sustainability issues in our house, on our campus, or in our neighborhood. These initiatives range from providing collaborative workshops (check out our past Zero Waste Series 2018!), free material exchanges like McGill coursepacks and textbooks, or Applied Student Research aiming to answer in detail much needed questions regarding sustainability, on a social, economic or ecological scale! Check out our current projects below and if you are interested in any please reach out to either or to the contact listed with the initiative!


EvENT Organizing Committee

If you or your group is interesting in a collaborative Event or Series make sure to contact or get involved in our Event Organizing Committee! They prepare our open house, potlucks, movie screenings, and skillshares during the year. You can reach us either at with the subject line “ECOLE Events” or at our facebook page!

Join Our Board!

In general, we are looking for commitment for a 2 hour meeting every month and about 2-5 hours more work per month editing and drafting policies, mentoring facilitators and joining consultations. The board is responsible for the financial and legal responsibilities of this non hierarchical organization as well as draft policies and negotiate contracts with SSMU. Our board must be composed of 2 McGill Professors, 2 McGill Staff People, 2 Community Members, a SSMU rep/counsellor, a Student and a current Facilitator in the House.

If you are interested in becoming a board member, please email with the subject line “ECOLE Board Application” and a short paragraph about (1) why you are interested and (2) which one of these board positions you are applying for.  Be sure to also attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM) November 20th from 6-9pm



ECOLE CookBook

This year one of our Facilitators (Dorothy Yip) is working on compiling all our best, our worst, and our weirdest recipes for our 5th year anniversary! She is looking for people passionate about cooking, community, and photography to help her create this ambitious book. If you are interested, please contact her at with the subject line “ECOLE Cookbook” !

Campus Crops

A collaboration with another McGill student group, Campus Crops is an urban gardening community working on teaching McGill students how to produce food and garden in small plots of land. As you walk into ECOLE, you can see our tomatoes and what remains of a delicious summer strawberry bush. During the Spring and Summer Campus Crops provides workshops and gardening opportunities to anyone who wants to get their hands dirty and have good food! If you are interested in getting involved, make sure to to join us on facebook!


Finance Committee & Handbook

One of our Facilitators (Tharuvi Nanayakkara) is organizing our Finance Committee which keeps track of our funding and budgeting for initiatives, events, and other organizational costs. In addition to doing the committee, Tharuvi is working on a finance handbook that will allow future facilitators to know how finances work at ECOLE. If you are interested in learning to do finance work or learning to budget for a non-profit, be sure to contact Tharuvi at with the subjectline “ECOLE Finance Handbook” !


Past Initiatives

As of this scholaristic year (2018-2019), ECOLE has had 4 previous cohorts of facilitators! In the past there were other projects, initiatives, and ASRs so to make sure those are remembered we’d like to share them here! Take a look at our previous projects and if you are interested in expanding one or asking some questions, please don’t hesitate to email us!



Katie Friedman, who was a Facilitator in 2016-2017 and long-standing Collective Member before and after,  set out to discover whether the Internet fad of “natural/green cleaning” meets ECOLE’s concerns for building a more sustainable living environment. The four most commonly used cleaning products in the ECOLE house—dish soap, all-purpose spray, laundry detergent, and mold and mildew spray—were identified and alternative recipes for these were tested over a period of five months. Check out a poster of Katie’s project here

Hands-on environmental education

Jean Yves Taranger (2015-2017 Facilitator Cohort) sought to bring hands-on environmental education with children from the F.A.C.E. school to here in Montreal, and in Oaxaca, Mexico. This included initiatives like a bike sharing club and extracurricular summer courses for local students. In this way, students were encouraged to develop their own understandings of their community, their history, and their potential roles in environmental conservation practices. You can read their GoFundMe page

Collective Living: Toolkit for Sustainability

For their capstone course ENVR 401 “Environmental Research” in the fall of 2016, a group of students studied and published their findings on the best practices for collective living at ECOLE . They explored the relationship between collective living and sustainability, the ways in which ECOLE addressed sustainable living and the opportunities and challenges in collective living environments. This was a project by Maya Bergeron-Robitaille, Leia Jones, Kim Mathieu, Gillian Rowan and Sevrenne Sheppard. You can read their publication here.