3559 University Street
Montréal, QC H3A 2B1
(Buzz #2 to be let in)



  • We regret to note that ECOLE is not wheelchair accessible. The front entrance is four steps up and has two heavy doors with a buzzer system.
  • Most of the doors in the building are heavy, including washroom doors. All washrooms are single-use and non-gendered. There are unfortunately no handrails next to the toilets or sinks.
  • All rooms have fluorescent lighting, though during the day many rooms can be lit with natural light through large windows. We also have a small number of lamps and string lights available that are sufficient to light our smaller meeting spaces, so please let us know if you would like to use these for any events.
  • We cannot guarantee that ECOLE is a scent-free space.
  • Children are welcome to attend any ECOLE events. We are happy to provide childcare and/or whisper translation for any meetings, discussions, film screenings, and workshops. Please include this request in the space booking form below, at least three days prior to the event so we can guarantee childcare/translation.
  • Si vous avez besoin de la traduction chuchotée du français vers l’anglais, nous pouvons vous en fournir gratuitement. Prière de nous contactez trois jours à l’avance de l’évènement pour lequel vous souhaitezavoir accès à la traduction chuchotée.

Common Areas

Three common areas at ECOLE are available for booking:

  1. Living Room (20-45 people, one floor up from entrance)
  2. Meeting Room (10-12 people, on main floor)
  3. Kitchen/Dining Room (15-20 people, one floor down from entrance)

Any student or community group with a social or material sustainability mandate may book these common areas in the ECOLE House free of charge. We define social and material sustainability broadly. If you feel that your group’s main activities are centered around ecology, social justice, environmentalism, mental health, healing and wellness, or social justice or ecology-related journalism or fine art activities (and this is not a definitive list), feel free to request to use our space. Please note that in the event of multiple requests for the same time slot, we will prioritize those groups whose mandates align most closely with ECOLE’s.

Please fill out the form below if you would like to book a space at ECOLE for an event.


Space booking

We will let you know if we can accommodate your request within five days. Please try to provide accurate estimates of the number of attendees for all meeting and events — it's important for our space use statistics. Thanks! We look forward to seeing you at ECOLE!
Please note that we offer our space to groups with social and material sustainability mandates. We define sustainability very broadly, but in the event of conflicting requests preference will be given to groups that align most closely with ECOLE's mandate.

Nous répondrons à votre demande dans les cinq jours après la réservation. Veuillez faire une estimation de la quantité de participants pour chaque événement- c’est important pour nos statistiques! Merci! Nous avons hâte de vous accueillir!
Veuillez remarquer que nous offrons notre espace aux groupes dont le mandat est relié au développement durable matériel ou social. Notre définition de la durabilité est plutôt large, cependant, dans le cas de demandes conflictuelles la priorité sera donnée à celui dont le mandat correspond le plus à celui de ECOLE.

Space Use Policy

Please check the calendar at the bottom of this page to make sure your booking request does not conflict with a preexisting space reservation.

Person of Contact/Contact *
Person of Contact/Contact
Date *
Please provide a brief description of the event, what activities will be included, how many people are expected to attend, if the event is open to the public or a private one, if your event needs any accommodation from ECOLE, etc. Veuillez fournir une description brève de l’événement; les activités qui seront incluses, la quantité de personnes qui assisteront, si l’événement est public ou privé, si vous avez besoins de ressources, d’appui ou d’accommodations de ECOLE, etc.
Common Area(s)
Please indicate which room(s) you would like to book for the event, if applicable. Refer to the descriptions of Common Areas above for details. Veuillez indiquer la/les salle(s) que vous souhaitez réserver pour l’événement, si applicable. Consultez les descriptions des Espace en commun au-dessus pour plus de détails.

Events Calendar